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7 Facts You Must Know Before Hiring a Restaurant Marketing Agency

7 Facts You Must Know Before Hiring a Restaurant Marketing Agency

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Fact 1:
What is the purpose of hiring a restaurant marketing agency?

You hire a restaurant marketing agency to communicate your message to your potential customers, to help increase your retention rate, to help you move your business to the next level. To increase your sales and provide you the best return on investment on your advertising and marketing investments. This list is a very long list. Which is not the focus of today’s topic.

What you need to know before you hire a restaurant marketing agency:

You don’t hire a marketing agency while running on a massive leaking bucket

Fact 2: You need to have proper management inside your restaurant, as many restaurant owners they think their restaurant is quiet because they don’t do any marketing, or the economy is bad.

In fact, they have bad management in place they are good on chasing customers and SUPER good at losing them.

Fact 3: You must have trained hospitality staff, they understand the hospitality industry, they understand customer service, they understand your message and your menu, and they are not an embarrassment to you and your business.

Well trained hospitality staff will turn your customers into ambassadors for your business, they know how to increase the average transaction per table, they understand their responsibilities.

Fact 4: Go and scan all your review sites and gather all bad reviews and work on fixing the problems, for example, people will say things like bad customer service, careless staff, inconsistency in food sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s not good. Overpriced, underwhelmed.

I’m not saying to listen to every single one of them, what I’m saying is gather those negative reviews and ask yourself how you can improve on each point, is it a bad idea to improve? When you improve your internal systems and operations, your instore experience, less and fewer people will complain that your food is overpriced, and fewer people will complain in general.

And they will come back and bring more people with them to give you their money.

Fact 5: When you offer takeaway and online delivery stick to it, be consistent to get your customers excited that you now deliver and half the time you can’t deliver because your delivery guy left you and you end up chasing delivery drivers. Consistency is a key for your business success.

Fact 6: Get a restaurant management and operations coach to coach you on how to manage and operate your restaurant properly, how to manage your cash flow, how to hire and fire staff.

Fact 7: Be a leader and lead by an example for your employees, and don’t be the superstar of your business. When you decide to be the superstar in your restaurant, then all your customers want to be served by you, and they start comparing you to any other staff you have on your floor.

Focus on making your in-store experience, your management skills, your staff, your food all these ingredients should be your superstars of your restaurant, not you.

Once you have the above internal systems in place, then go ahead and hire a restaurant marketing agency, and watch your marketing investments deliver an incredible return on investment.

By the way, if you don’t meet the above criteria I took promise on myself that I won’t take any restaurant as a client before they match this exact criterion. I’m not putting my reputation on the line for chasing a quick buck; I did it before because I was ignorant of how bad this is for my name and my agency, not anymore.

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