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7 steps to attract diners to your restaurant from Periscope

7 steps to attract diners to your restaurant from Periscope

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Here is an actionable list that will help you attract more diners to your restaurant from your Periscope:

1- Open a Periscope account on a mobile phone reserved just for your restaurant
Download Periscope from your app store.


It will work great if you already have an existing Twitter audience.

2- Create short stories specifically designed for your Periscope audience.

Your Periscope audience tends to love live interaction; ideally you should have voice with your video.

3- Become an entertainer, because nowadays and age, your restaurant is in the entertainment business.

4- Promote your restaurant happy hour specials and special events.

5- Introduce NEW dishes to your Periscope audience.

Don’t just show a screenshot of your New Dish, talk about it, explain it, give them more details.

6- Show behind the scenes stories, if you had celebrity in for the night get them to say hello to your audience.

7- Promote your Periscope account to your customers and fans on social media, your email list, your mobile list, your blog, your website, and in-store.

Then watch your Periscope audience growing, delivering more diners to your restaurant.

I can keep generating an unlimited stream of ideas on how to use Periscope for your restaurant, as I always say, my friend, the secret to success is the speed of implementation and getting started.

For now, get started with those strategies, then soon I will come up with more ideas on how to attract more diners to your restaurant from the Periscope platform.

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