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7 steps to attract diners to your restaurant from Twitter

7 steps to attract diners to your restaurant from Twitter

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Here is an actionable list that will help you attract more diners to your restaurant from Twitter:

1- Open a Twitter account for your restaurant

Here is the link https://www.twitter.com

Once you create your Twitter account for your restaurant, enter your opening closing hours in your bio, address, phone number, and your website link.

Update your profile logo, and profile cover photo.


2- Post amazing food images of your menu, yes you want to wow people. You want them to look at a dish then the image should trigger their cravings which in return they end up retweeting and favoriting your tweet. Then making a decision they will come in soon, all the way down to actually coming in and dining at your place.

3- Keep your caption short and straight to the point.

4- Use local hashtags like #melbournedining, not #dining, locals are using local hashtags, figure out which hashtags are they using then make it a template for every future post. For Twitter, one or two hashtags are plenty.

5- Look up local food accounts on Twitter and interact with their followers, follow them, like favorite their tweets, initiate a conversation. That way you will drive local attention back to your place. From people already raised a hand, they are interested in food.

6- Interact with local food bloggers on Twitter and invite them to come in and review your place.

You will be surprised how many food bloggers end up coming in reviewing your place. But first you need to make sure you prepared the environment for this to happen, amazing food, great customer service, and awesome attitude.

7- Create a list of the food bloggers inside your Twitter account, so every time you click on your short Twitter list you will only see updates and tweets from those food bloggers alone. It’s easier to keep up to date and interact with them in a filtered environment away from all the noise is happening.

I can keep generating an unlimited stream of ideas on how to use Twitter for your restaurant, as I always say, my friend, the secret to success is the speed of implementation and getting started.

For now, get started with those strategies, then soon I will come up with more ideas on how to attract more diners to your restaurant from the Twitter platform.

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