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7 Steps to Use Instagram Hashtags for Getting New Diners

7 Steps to Use Instagram Hashtags for Getting New Diners

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The most useless action a restaurant can do on their Instagram account is using random broad Hashtags like #yum or #delicious, #coffee and #food these hashtags are useless, and here is why.

1 – If your restaurant located in Melbourne, and let’s say a potential local customer opens up his Instagram app looking up local restaurants.

The hashtags the potential customer would be using is the following #Melbournerestaurant #Melbournecafes #Melbournecoffee.

Those hashtags are local, and the people would use such hashtags are local, it makes so much sense to use local hashtags.

2- The best way to find out what are the best hashtags to use for your restaurant, is to look up local competition the ones are doing well on Instagram, find out what hashtags they are using, then that should give you an idea what kind of hashtags you could use.

3- The other best way to find out good local hashtags to use, is that make sure every local hashtag it has a momentum.

Open up your Instagram app, type in the tags search field #Melbourne then Instagram will display a group of the best used local hashtags in Melbourne, pick the ones that are related to food and it has a huge number of posts that used this particular hashtag.

4- The higher the posts number a hashtag has, the more people are using it to look up places or to post experiences.

5- When is it ok to use broad hashtags like #yum and #delicious? When you look up your local hashtags, and now your kind of out of ideas to reach your 30 hashtags group, then now you can add the broad hashtags to increase engagement to your posts.

Broad hashtags should be the minority, not the majority

6- Always post your hashtags in your comment section, once you receive comments on your post, the hashtags will disappear up in the comments section, your post will look nice and neat, and now you can share it to Facebook or Twitter without the messy hashtags.

7- Make a list of 30 hashtags you could use, this will become your template for every single post, always have one hashtag as your #businessname, then save those hashtags on your notes app on your phone, they will come handy to copy and paste every time you post.

Bonus tip: Always make sure you have your hashtags copied in the memory, then as soon you post you paste your hashtags in your comment, the quicker, the better, if you take your time to post your hashtags in the comment section you will lose momentum and engagement.

Thank you for reading the science of hashtags and how you can use it to your advantage, now compile your local hashtags list and start attracting more diners to your restaurant.

To your success
Mark Khoder

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