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Meet Mark Khoder | Your SocialChef

Mark Khoder has been a collaborative ally with restaurant brands since 2009. He helps build and achieve a harmonious duet between their business and marketing goals. The renovation of these two objectives gives clients tangible results by creating increased market share and profit.

Mark taps into marketing and advertising tactics with the efficacy of a shark. These frameworks have undergone a continual transformation since 1874. He zeroes in on those methodologies developed by industry leaders through the years; he marries those concepts with the offline media and online media to create the vault in which brands can grow and bloom.


Since the beginning, Your SocialChef has rallied around its clients to increase sales and profits. We believe an effective and efficient marketing framework has to be reliable, practical, scalable, and sustainable. We help restaurant brands with their strategic planning to implementation.

For restaurant owners with multi-site restaurants that have yet to make their presence known in the industry, we take your vision and goals and work it relentlessly. Still, to truly achieve your marketing goals, we need your commitment and dedication. Please don’t waste your time and our time if you’re not ready for that.

Our strategy is to give our clients the proverbial shock needed to allow them to grow quickly without the constraints of technical knowledge dragging them down. The knowledge that guided previous restaurateurs to success creates the backdrop for the menu we want to provide you.

For us, it’s not just a matter of briefly drawing a customer’s curiosity without actual payoff or increasing hits on your website. It’s about concrete increases in sales and profits, which are the backbone of any brand.

It’s about generating new customers. It’s about creating marketing that helps you set your restaurant brand goals and make them happen.

If you’re ready to make measurable, prosperous changes, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll use this time to listen and provide you with an instructive plan to achieve your individual success!