Meet Mark.

With more than a decade in business ownership experience, Mark Khoder has been building his own businesses – across retail, convenience and food stores – from Lebanon to Australia since 2003.

He is the ‘Go To’ for hospitality businesses looking for results and return on investments with their social media marketing. ‘Mark the Shark’ (as he likes to put it) uses his amazing sharky senses to spot opportunities for spreading the word about everything related to a hospitality business and story.

With his own love for the hospitality industry being a big foodie – particularly a lover of burgers in street food markets (and his wife’s amazing Lebanese cuisine), Mark has found a passion for helping hospitality business owners reach their products, service and brand story to their community – nourishing people’s lives through the journey of food and drink.

As a business owner, he is passionate about supporting other owners that took the courageous step to run a business and help them achieve the reason why they took this journey – empower them to reach their passion and build their talents.

Mark Khoder

aka Mark the Shark

Mark the Shark has some pretty SUPER Powers: Hospitality Social Media Expert, Team Motivator, and most SUPER power of them all . He’s a Super Dad to 3 gorgeous kiddies. We call that the ‘triple threat’.

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