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‘Your Socialchef Show’

Guest Interview with
Mark Khoder,
Your SocialChef

Guest interviews are 25 minutes of punchy and valuable info to help my clients understand a topic. They are conducted as an interview with your providing me with 5-7 ‘Dorothy Dixers’ to ask you and provide interaction.

It’s not a sales session but educational and an excellent referral source with a free offer or contact details being provided at the end.

As well as being distributed as one of my regular Your SocialChef Shows going to my list of channels such as Youtube, Social, iTunes, Spotify, Android, Stitcher, Amazon and a general list of around 5600+, the recording will go in my ‘Members’ Newsletter’ for continual education of new restaurant owners as they join my universe. Also, you will be added to my directory or ‘circle’ of recommended service providers, if that’s not done already.


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  • A brief bio for me to use when promoting and introducing you

    Example: Alisa works with business owners and franchisors to create memorable experiences for customers in hospitality and retail businesses. As a multidisciplinary designer with a background in Architecture, Industrial and Retail Design Alisa focuses on assisting business owners who are looking to build a strong brand as they expand or franchise.