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This is your chance to finally own My Restaurant Social Media Strategies, dedicated to growing your business and increase your sales. I’m not keeping any information away from you, it as all yours.

If you accept this proposal, it is going to cost you. That’s the “bad news”.

Now for the good news. In exchange for your small investment, I am going to give you the greatest gift I could ever give a restaurant owner.

It’s the indispensable secrets to my “Social Media Strategies”… a literal treasure trove of systems and strategies to spark growth in any restaurant business.

Inside your Your SocialChef Training, you will look over my shoulder and discover a step by step action plans:

  • Periscope
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • Snapchat
  • Birthday Cup
  • Medallion Club
  • Food Delivery
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Online Booking
  • Pop-Up Shop
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Your Website
  • Local Directories
  • Corporate Clients
  • Food Photography
  • Food Bloggers
  • YouTube
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You definitely don’t want to miss out on this step by step restaurant social media training.

This is why I’m giving you Get Instant Digital Access, I will be adding new action plans on a regular basis then if you like what you see, and you find yourself that you started attracting more diners to your restaurant business from learning my strategies. Once YOUR 60 days’ period ends and you decided to stick around your card wil be charged $47 a month. You can stop, cancel at any time, no contracts, no hidden fees, no funny business.

That’s not all, you will also get access to our Your SocialChef mastermind Club so you can get help and support.

Attract More Diners To Your Restaurant Through Social Media


I am the owner of a restaurant and I don’t have time to learn and implement your strategy, what do I do?

Our restaurant social media action plans designed to setup marketing systems in place for you, so you don’t have to do the work. For example, you can give login access to your membership to any of your staff up to 4 people.

Get your staff to learn the strategies and implement, and monitor your marketing systems while you spend more time with your family, and doing the things that you love doing.

If you prefer to be in control of your marketing systems that’s fine you can always get your employees to learn at the same time so if you ever needed someone to monitor or manage your campaigns, you always have someone can support you.

Do these social media strategies work for your business?

Our social media strategies work for Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bars, Taverns, Hotels, Food Vans, Catering Business, Diners, Golf Clubs, Street Markets, New and Existing Hospitality Business.

Do these social media strategies work in my country?

Yes as long you have internet access and a computer then you are set to go.

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