Running Instagram Ads You're Not Receiving Notifications And How To Fix It

Running Instagram Ads You’re Not Receiving Notifications And How To Fix It

Running Instagram Ads You’re Not Receiving Notifications And How To Fix It

by Mark Khoder 2 Comments

You’re running Instagram Ads but you’re not getting notifications, or activity feeds updates for the Ads on your Instagram App.

You used to get a notification every time someone liked, tagged, or commented on your Instagram Ads, and now you don’t get those notifications anymore.

It feels like you’re running invisible Instagram ads, your Ad Manager telling you, you’re getting lots of engagement, but you just can’t see it!

If this is currently happening to you, or if it does happen to you, here is how to fix it.

When this happened to us, we reached out to Facebook support they didn’t know what was going on. And they told us to wait for them to investigate the issue.

The Fix:

Then I didn’t want to wait for Facebook response to figure out the problem I wanted to fix the issue asap, and it was so simple to fix!

Navigate to the Instagram Ad you’re running inside power editor, once you click edit, you will be able to make changes to the Ad.

On the Ad edit page, you will see the Facebook page that is connected to it, change the Facebook page to a different Facebook page even if it was for a different business, then change it back again to the correct Facebook page.

Once you do that it will ask you to login with the Instagram account related to this page, if you’re already logged in, then you should now see your Instagram account correctly connected to this Ad.

You would wonder if your instagram account was not connected properly to this Instagram Ad, then on what Instagram account your Instagram Ad was running on the Instagram platform?

When your power editor realised there was no Instagram account connected due to some bug in the system that caused this issue to happen.

Then power editor started running the Ad on Instagram with your Facebook page name, and this Ad is not clickable and when people start engaging with your Ad, you don’t see any engagement on your Instagram.

You will only see it in your Facebook Ad Manager or Power Editor.

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