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A radio ad part of 4 radio ad variations for a Dante’s Pizza
integrated campaign is currently being aired in Gippsland,
the home of our client Dante’s Pizza.

2 radio commercials run during the day before dinner, letting
people know that Dante’s Pizza is currently prepping for the
day. Then, just when Dante’s Pizza opens its doors for the day,
another 2 commercials run on air inviting people to place their
orders, the 4 commercials are fun and delightful, and they all
mention the brand name at the start and the end.

Why include Radio Advertising as part of an integrated

– Increases advertising efficiency

– Increases advertising effectiveness

– Accessibility to larger audiences

– Improves your audio branding

– Provide an immersive experience

Mark Khoder says:

When selecting radio advertising, avoid running your commercials
at random times; make sure the ad makes sense to your brand,
fits your demographics, focuses on one idea, and blends in with
your overall marketing campaigns across media platforms.

  • Client:Dante’s Pizza
  • Agency:Your SocialChef
  • Let’s find what works together.



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