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See the Work by Your SocialChef

Leveraging Mental Availability Strategy to Promote a
New Breakfast Service

  • Use on-brand visuals to create a cohesive and recognizable campaign
  • Develop a relevant and attention-grabbing title that clearly
    communicates the new breakfast service
  • Utilize geo-targeting to ensure that the campaign is reaching customers
    in the local area
  • Incorporate exciting showmanship into the campaign, such as cooking
    demonstrations or tastings
  • Leverage social media channels to showcase breakfast dishes and
    behind the scenes

Conclusion: Promoting a new breakfast service using a mental availability
strategy can be especially effective when tailored to the specific needs and
preferences of the target audience. By using on-brand visuals, a relevant
title, proper geo-targeting, and exciting showmanship, restaurants can
create a memorable and engaging campaign that encourages customers
to try out the new breakfast service. Additionally, leveraging social media
channels can help increase visibility and engagement, ultimately leading
to increased brand awareness and sales.

Mark Khoder says:

A focused and targeted mental availability strategy, such
as the Breakfast Gradi Mornington Campaign, can create
lasting brand recognition and customer loyalty, leading to
sustained long-term growth.

  • Campaign:Breakfast Gradi Mornington
  • Client:400 Gradi
  • Agency:Your SocialChef
  • We have loved working with Your SocialChef who has
    helped us map and plan our growth strategy resulting
    in incredible results. We have been working with YSC
    for several years now and recently they have helped us
    weather the pandemic storm. We are looking forward to
    further building and growing our restaurant business
    with the support of the team at Your SocialChef.

    Keith Stoikos, Owner of Feed Me Group

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