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10 Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Restaurant

10 Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Restaurant

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1- To keep your restaurant Facebook page active, post on Facebook at least once a day, this is the first step to your Facebook marketing efforts and not all of it

2- Consider posting group images of one meal, then boost the post to your target market, group images get more engagement on Facebook

3- People tagging each other on Facebook are more likely to visit your place than those who like the post

4- People do come to your restaurant after seeing your posts on Facebook not necessarily they need to tag themselves to prove it

5- People that follow your page most likely went through what they like on your menu, and now they’re waiting for a new menu or a new dish

6- Consider posting a special of the week on your Facebook page and boost the post to your page fans, this works exactly like the chalkboard that you use for your weekly specials at the front of your restaurant

7- The more you take your social media efforts more serious, the more your fans and potential customers will engage with you and dine in at your restaurant

8- Facebook advertising is a must, if a restaurant is not doing daily Facebook advertising campaigns, they’re wasting their time and effort

9- Consider doing Facebook contests once a month, giving back to your community is always a fun thing to do even if there was one winner at the end

10- Don’t be boring! Don’t just post and hope for the best, do all the above then watch your return on investment pouring in.


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