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14 Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Restaurant

14 Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Restaurant

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1. To keep your restaurant Instagram account active, post on your Instagram account at least once a day, this is the first step to your Instagram marketing efforts and not all of it

2. Always post your hashtags in your comment section, you can use up to 30 hashtags, make sure you are using local hashtags and not broad hashtags

3. People tagging each other on Instagram are more likely to visit your place than those who like the post

4. Get your restaurant account mentioned on other large local Foodie Instagram accounts

5. Setup Local Foodie events at your restaurant on a monthly basis, where you can serve menu tasting platters

6. People do come to your restaurant after seeing your posts on Instagram not necessarily they need to tag themselves to prove it

7. Follow locals and local food bloggers on Instagram, like their content, and authentically comment on their content like you really care, don’t fake it

8. There is an Instagram myth some business owners believe it, that they need to have more people following them than they are following, and then their account looks more interesting.

Yes this is true if they’re doing massive advertising campaigns, on-going public relations campaigns, and continuously getting their restaurant mentioned on Large foodie Instagram accounts on a daily basis

If a restaurant needs more diners without breaking their budget, then they need to put the above belief right in the bin and accept the reality.

We need to follow and interact with our local audience to get them find out about our restaurant, or we’re not going to get anywhere

9. People that follow your account most likely went through what they like on your menu, and now they’re waiting for a new menu or a new dish

10. Consider posting a special of the week to your Instagram account and advertise the post to your Facebook page fans on Instagram, [this is done inside your audience targeting], it works exactly like the chalkboard that you use for your weekly specials at the front of your restaurant

11. Advertise your weekly special to your new audience [Your local target market within 10 miles’ radius]

12. Instagram advertising is a must, if a restaurant is not doing daily Instagram advertising campaigns, they’re wasting their time and effort

13. Consider doing Instagram contests once a month, giving back to your community is always a fun thing to do even if there was one winner at the end

14. Don’t be boring! Don’t just post and hope for the best, do all the above then watch your return on investment pouring in.

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