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400 Gradi

Performance breakthrough,
the 400 Gradi family story.

The primary goal of 400 Gradi was to attract more customers during the slow periods between lunch and dinner at specific locations and thereby increase their overall bookings.

We strategised to launch multi-performance marketing campaigns to both highlight the unique Gradi experience and to stimulate an immediate response. Our partnership with the Gradi family was highly productive, leading to a broadened brief and an array of successful initiatives.

Bottomless Gradi.

The “Bottomless Gradi” campaign was a joint endeavour. Your SocialChef and the 400 Gradi marketing team co-conceived the Bottomless Gradi offer.

We recommended filming locations, captured photographs and videos for the ad assets, and designed their digital ad assets and social media content.

The result was transformational; a previously near-empty venue during lunch and pre-dinner times turned into a lively hub teeming with patrons. In addition to increasing footfall, the campaign significantly amplified 400 Gradi’s social media following and enabled them to tap into new audiences and demographics

OMGradi Lunch

Aiming to capitalise on the lunchtime crowd, Your SocialChef and Gradi Group’s marketing team brainstormed the OMGradi Lunch campaign.

We oversaw the creative aspects of the campaign, including the conceptualisation and production of the digital ad, the design of ad assets, and all digital content for social media and the Gradi website.

154 Cheese Pizza

The 400 Gradi’s Guinness World Record 154 Cheese Pizza campaign, which had previously been launched, was revitalised following our successful collaboration. We organised photo and video shoots, designed ad creative assets, and prepared social media content.

The rejuvenated 154 Cheese Pizza campaign attracted new customers,welcomed back existing ones, and resulted in a significant boost in overall sales and social engagement. The unique pizza even gained local news attention.

Gradi Kids Masterclass

In the run-up to the school holidays; we designed the Gradi Kids Masterclass campaign to promote ticket availability. The campaign was rolled out across 400 Gradi’s owned media channels, including their website, social media content, and social media ads.

Video Content

Browse through a selection of 400 Gradi video content.

Food Photography

Drool over some of 400 Gradi’s mouth-watering dishes captured through our lens.

On brand artwork

Take a look at our on-brand artwork that adds a visually appealing element to
400 Gradi’s marketing strategy.

Through our tailored strategies and creative campaigns, we helped 400 Gradi increase footfall during off-peak hours and broaden their social media reach. Our joint initiatives significantly enhanced their overall bookings. Key campaigns like Bottomless Gradi, OMGradi Lunch, and the revived 154 Cheese Pizza, successfully attracted new and returning patrons, boosting their sales and social engagement.

The Gradi Kids Masterclass campaign also successfully promoted ticket availability. Our collaboration not only increased customer engagement and business growth but also solidified 400 Gradi’s position as a unique dining experience.

Your Socialchef
capabilities involved in the
400 Gradi account are.

  • Growth Strategies
  • Digital Graphics
  • Performance Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Measurement and Reporting
  • Testing and Optimisation
  • Advertising Management
  • Content Production
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Website Management