7 Steps To Beat Negative Media Attacking Your Restaurant

7 Steps To Beat Negative Media Attacking Your Restaurant

7 Steps To Beat Negative Media Attacking Your Restaurant

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7 Steps To Beat Negative Media Attacking Your Restaurant

Here are the 7 steps will help you beat the most notorious media attacks and still come out winning.

Before I mention the 7 steps, I must say this is not an excuse for any restaurant to be careless with the way they run their business or to underestimate the danger of negative publicity.

You must take negative publicity very seriously.

I’m sharing with you valuable solutions which will help elevate your restaurant business to survive a shocking media attack.

Let’s say you wake up one day, and you find out your national newspaper posted a court order sentencing your restaurant as being an unhygienic place and fines you x amount of thousands of dollars.

What would you do in this situation:

Step 1: You immediately fix any issues the media mentioned about your restaurant

Step 2: You take it as a mission on yourself to keep and maintain the cleanest restaurant in your city

Step 3: As soon you accomplish Step 1, record video testimonials of your best customers telling a positive story about your restaurant

Step 4: Post those videos on your Facebook and Youtube Channels.

Step 5: Launch a new and improved menu, then advertise your new menu on Social Media

Step 6: Invite your local food bloggers to come and dine at your restaurant to experience the new menu, be generous I repeat be generous and make sure to showcase your best signature dishes.

In return, if you deliver an extraordinary experience on the night your restaurant will gain raving reviews from your local influencers.

Step 7: Dominate different channels, continue proving the media was dramatizing the negative news, by creating positive and amazing stories around your restaurant and take immediate action.

The worst thing you can do is lay low and do nothing; it’s like saying to the public the court order is correct, and I’m a loser.

The best thing to do is take massive action in the right direction and watch your restaurant making a come back on the right track.

Watch the video: https://www.facebook.com/yoursocialchef/videos/692333887600807/

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