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Action Bias: A Common Pitfall for Restaurants

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Action bias is a psychological phenomenon in which people feel a strong
    urge to take action, even when it may not be necessary or productive.
  • Action bias can be both helpful and harmful in the restaurant business.
  • Experimenting with new menu items can keep the restaurant
    innovative and fresh.
  • Prompt service can create a positive impression and make customers
    feel valued and appreciated.
  • Constant improvement can help restaurants stay ahead of the competition
    and maintain customer loyalty.
  • Rushing into decisions can result in poor choices that ultimately
    harm the business.
  • Overextending can cause the business to become overextended and
    ultimately fail.
  • Ignoring feedback can lead to missed opportunities for improvement.
  • It’s important for restaurant owners and managers to be aware of the
    potential pitfalls of action bias and ensure that their actions are
    well-considered and strategic.

Mark Khoder says:

In the bustling world of restaurants, action bias can be both a creative
force and a destructive pitfall; it’s the art of balancing innovation with
strategy that sets the exceptional apart.

We love working with Mark from YSC who has helped us
map and plan the growth strategy of our burger store
in Gippsland, resulting in an incredible increase in sales
within the very first month! We are looking forward to
continuing to grow our burger store with the support
of Mark and his team at Your SocialChef.

Ally Cruickshank, Burg&Co

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