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Beware of spreading the advertising budget too thinly

Integrated multi-channel campaigns can be effective for brands.
However, data shows that too much of a good thing is possible.

Tailing off of effectiveness:

  • Increasing advertising media initially boosts effectiveness.
  • But, levels of effectiveness tail off beyond a certain number.
  • Optimal number of media for a typical campaign is around three.

Reasons for not adding more media:

  • Diminishing returns in terms of coverage.
  • Increased share of budget allocation to production costs.
  • Harder to cut through when budget spread across many media.

Optimum number of media:

  • Depends on the budget and nature of the marketing task.
  • For larger budgets, the optimum is around four media.


  • Marketers should be careful about spreading their advertising
    budget too thinly across too many media.
  • Optimal spread of channels will depend on the budget available and
    marketing task at hand.

Mark Khoder says:

Strike the perfect balance in your advertising campaigns by focusing on
a select few channels, optimising your budget for maximum impact and
avoiding diminishing returns. Aim for around three media for typical
campaigns, and remember that effectiveness depends on your budget
and marketing objectives

We love working with Mark from YSC who has helped
us map and plan the growth strategy of our burger
store in Gippsland, resulting in an incredible increase
in sales within the very first month! We are looking
forward to continuing to grow our burger store with
the support of Mark and his team at Your SocialChef.

Ally Cruickshank, Burg&Co

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