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Explore all benefits.

The BITE Framework. Brand, Income, Transaction, Equity

Brand Goals. Tell your brand story and what
it is all about
30 stories per month30 stories per month30 stories per month
Brand Growth. Get more customers and
increase your market share
Brand Image. Build an elevated branding
Brand Trust. Increase people trust with a
unified message
Income Generation. Attract new customers,
existing customers, lost customers
Income management. Your sales numbers
are our ultimate KPI’s
Income Snowball. Full control, scale up and
down at anytime
Income Exploration. Test new ideas, learn
then adapt
Transaction Amplification. Increase
transaction size per customer, product,
and service
Transaction Variety. Educate your customers
about your products and services
Transaction System. Create a bigger
transaction system on autopilot
Transaction Breakthrough. Activate your
cashflow breakthrough system
Equity Booster. Boost the equity size in your
Equity Protection. Protect your equity from
the risk of loss
Equity Maximiser. Explore new ways for
customers to buy from you
Equity and Profit. Ideal for exit strategy or
simply grow your brand