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Spicing Up Melbourne’s
Brunch Scene with
Lankan Tucker.

Lankan Tucker, a cafe bringing Sri Lankan flair to Melbourne’s dining culture, found itself needing help to craft and deliver its marketing message to the right audience. Aiming to share its story and improve profitability, our strategy commenced by solidifying its message. With taglines “Discover the best of Sri Lanka” and “Innovating Sri Lankan Food”, we selected appropriate media platforms like Facebook and Instagram 
to reach out to food enthusiasts.

Leveraging the growing interest in Sri Lankan food and 
street food culture among Australians, especially given that Sri Lanka was a top travel destination at that time, we positioned Lankan Tucker’s offerings as the perfect addition to the Melbourne brunch scene. The results were astounding, leading to an impressive 85% business growth.

Discover the best of Sri Lanka” and
“Innovating Sri Lankan Food:

These brand response campaigns successfully positioned Lankan Tucker in the Melbourne
brunch landscape and generated substantial brand awareness. The campaigns led to consistent
foot traffic and significant social media buzz around the brand.

Product Development Campaigns:

The Turmeric French toast special, Upside down pineapple special, and Milo waffles special were all
part of our strategic marketing initiatives, resonating with the tagline “Innovating Sri Lankan Food”.

Special Night Events

Events like the Sticky ribs and chicken wings night were
special treats for the customers, creating enjoyable
experiences around Lankan Tucker’s offerings.

Supersized Hopper Campaign

A genius idea to supersize a popular menu item, the
hopper, resulted in significant buzz and foot traffic

from all over the state.

Buriyani Burrito Special

The popularity of this special item generated an instant
fan community, ultimately leading to its addition as a
permanent menu item.

Apart from these campaigns, our team produced a range of video content, motion graphics,
and photographic content, all contributing to a robust and effective marketing strategy.

Video Content

Discover Lankan Tucker’s enchanting video content in our carefully curated gallery.

Motion graphics

Dive into their culinary world through these select motion graphics.

Food photography

We have captured the essence of Lankan Tucker’s exotic dishes through our lenses.

Through the seamless execution of our tailored strategies and innovative campaigns, we successfully met
Lankan Tucker’s objectives. Our efforts led to an astounding 85% business growth within 3-6 months, significantly
enhancing footfall and creating a buzz on social media. This digital visibility connected Lankan Tucker with new
audiences, underscoring its unique position in Melbourne’s brunch scene.

Growth and Strategic Marketing

Audience Expansion

162% Arrow

Reach Expanded

Grew Lankan Tucker's followers and page likes by 161.9%, effectively broadening their digital footprint.

Sales Realisation

85% Arrow

Sales Boost

Delivered a substantial 85% increase in Lankan Tucker's business sales, a clear result of focused marketing strategies.

Stronger Engagement

181% Arrow

Deeper Connection

More than doubled the organic engagement rate from 1.40% to 3.94%, reflecting content that genuinely connects with the audience.

Paid Engagement Uplift

115% Arrow

Efficient Advertising

Elevated paid reach engagement from 4.7% to 10.12%, demonstrating an efficient use of paid advertising.

Our work with Lankan Tucker serves as a testament to how precise, strategic marketing can
directly translate into business growth and enhanced audience engagement.

Your Socialchef
capabilities are involved
in the Lankan Tucker

  • Growth Strategies
  • Data Strategy
  • Motion Graphics
  • Print Design
  • Digital Graphics
  • Website Design
  • Marketing Planning
  • Performance Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Measurement and Reporting
  • Testing and Optimisation
  • Advertising Management
  • Content Production
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Website Management