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The Purchase Loop: Understanding the Consumer Journey

The Purchase Loop: Understanding the Consumer Journey

Introducing the Purchase Loop: A fresh take on the consumer journey.

Let’s dive in!

What makes this model different?
It focuses on the emotional states tied to buying behaviours, breaking
down the linear model and embracing the reality of the purchasing
decision’s complexity.

The purchase decision isn’t linear; people tend to ‘bounce’ from one state to
another. Stay tuned as we walk you through the six stages!

Stage 1: Openness. This is where the consumer develops an interest in a
product or service that could fulfil an emerging need.

Stage 2: Realised Want or Need. Something triggers the consumer to actively
search for a product or service that meets their need.

Stage 3: Learning and Education. Here, the consumer enters research mode,
gathering information to make an informed purchase.

Stage 4: Seeking Ideas and Inspiration. At this stage, the consumer gathers
further information to solidify their interest in the product or service.

Stage 5: Research and Vetting. This involves reading reviews, discussing
intentions with peers, comparing prices, and more, to support the
buying decision.

Stage 6: Post-Purchase Evaluation and Expansion. The consumer reflects on
their experience with the product or service, sharing their thoughts
with others.

Understanding the Purchase Loop helps businesses better cater to their
customers throughout their buying journey. Stay tuned for more insights!

Mark Khoder says:

“The essence of the Purchase Loop lies in understanding that the consumer
journey isn’t a straight line, but a dynamic dance of emotional states,
constantly bouncing from openness to evaluation, fuelled by curiosity,
need, and the pursuit of value”

I have worked with Mark for almost a year and
cannot recommend him highly enough. He has been
doing restaurant marketing forever it seems because
the depth of his knowledge is amazing! Do yourself a
favour and give him a shot, you will not be disappointed.

Lee Goff