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The Untold Truth About One Of The Hottest Restaurants In Melbourne

The Untold Truth About One Of The Hottest Restaurants In Melbourne

by Mark Khoder 0 Comments

Late last year a group of friends and I decided to go down for dinner at one of the hottest restaurants in Melbourne, where we had to line up in a long queue goes all the way outside of the restaurant, and this queue is usually there all day long.

We finally secured a table for 9 of us, to tell you the truth I don’t usually do that, I’m not really into standing in queues, but, this time, I did just to check out what’s this buzz all about.

The atmosphere was good, really busy crowded place, anywhere you look you would see staff running around, and then a staff came to the table and took our orders, I asked the girl I’m after a decent feed, I was ravenous.

I vaguely remember the name of the dish it’s was a while ago, and this is not what this post is all about, but I do remember I had the smallest portion of food than anyone else on the table. This dish is not what I asked for!

Then I had to order another main dish to feel satisfied.

They had a small menu, nothing unusual, though, for me it was average and not worth all this buzz about it! But being in the industry myself, I knew how this place is keeping hot, it’s not the food, the setup or the staff.

What’s keeping this place hot, is MAXIMUM EXPOSURE. What do I mean by that?

Apart from the trendy seasonal menu, and that everyone else at the place tries to stay on top of their game, which it wasn’t the case with my experience.

They launch ongoing PR Campaigns.

They buy premium ad space on local food directories like Zomato and the like.

They get themselves massive attention from food bloggers and food critiques.

Dominating social media channels.

Proper write-ups on well-established media outlets and food guides.

Let alone everything else they do to secure themselves maximum exposure at all times!

And this is just the headlines and keeping it simple for the sake of this post.

All this to happen it costs a fair bit of investment and energy, but the return on investment is phenomenal, these people they know exactly where to invest their attention to becoming the hottest restaurant in Melbourne and how to maintain this title and not to lose it.

The way I wrote this post it will probably get some people annoyed, but the truth needs to be exposed, this restaurant is called Chin Chin, look it up.

Foodies are big on this place but unfortunately what makes all these people go there, is the maximum exposure that Chin Chin keeps securing.

Some business owners they ask me to show them the crowd, and they’ll then invest, what a joke I usually laugh when I hear those words because they have no idea about how to grow a striving business.

And I don’t need them, see I have my own clients, and everything is going well for us, I don’t need their help, they need my help it’s the other way around, and if they don’t understand this formula we can’t work together.

[But we both must have passion for what we do and why we’re doing it!]

What Chin Chin is doing is not impossible, and it’s not a puzzle because we live and breathe this puzzle, for us we look at this puzzle as a crystal clear image!

You want your restaurant to be one of the hottest in your city, bring the big guns out, shake that investor mindset, but hoping and praying someone somehow will come and help or count on a miracle to happen, that you may get picked up by a media outlet one day is an absolute joke and sad to think that way.

Let’s pretend magically you get some media attention, and you’re all happy and celebrating then 2 months later everything dies out, what’s the point of this?

There is no point it’s like sleeping with a disloyal prostitute for a one-night stand, and then the person will live for the rest of his life miserable. This plan is not a plan for wealth or success. This plan is a sure-fire blueprint for failure.

But hey some people will get it some people won’t, and this is life, we choose to work with the business owners that get it.

That’s it for now until the next Untold Truth, tell me how do you plan to get your restaurant maximum exposure?


To your success

Mark Khoder
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