10 Guidelines to Boost Campaign Performance - Your SocialChef

Master the rules first, then innovate.

  1. Main idea – what is the main idea for this campaign?
  2. People – who is this being created for? Know your people!
  3. Channel – where will this be seen? Develop accordingly
  4. Action – what action do you want your audience to take?
    Make it clear.
  5. Message – how will you communicate the CTA as
    effectively as possible?
  6. Assets – what imagery will support this message?
  7. Design – how will the design process bring all of these
    components together?
  8. Format – what are the different formats this needs to be
    developed into?
  9. Measurement – how did this creative asset perform
    against previous benchmarks?
  10. Optimisation – how can we adjust and test the asset to
    improve performance even more?

Mark Khoder says:

Your brilliant strategy may go to waste if you narrow your
audience significantly. When implementing weak campaign
design and inconsistent marketing with little or no reach,
things turn worse. How do you expect to compete against a
business that does its marketing right?

I’ve seen my business increase in sales of 96%. The
beauty of Your SocialChef takes care of all aspects
of your restaurant marketing so that you can work
on your business.

– Steve Patruno, Owner

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