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Dive into 2023-2024’s exciting food trends!

From the buzz around mushroom coffee to the rise of budget-friendly cooking, we’re exploring how these trends will shape our culinary experiences this year.

1. Mushroom Coffee Trend

  • An increasing trend of adding mushrooms to coffee has been observed online.
  • Brands developing mushroom-coffee blends, driven by interest in gut health.
  • Historical use of mushroom coffee in Finland during World War II and in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Ambiguity in evidence regarding health benefits when mixed with coffee.
  • Popular mushroom varieties for coffee include Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Shiitake.
  • Debate over the efficacy of fresh versus dried mushrooms.
  • Recommendation for pre-mixed blends for safety.
  • The nutritional benefits of mushroom coffee can be sourced from a balanced diet.

2. Biggest Food Trends of 2023

  • The popularity of steak frites in top restaurants.
  • Upscale crisps with gourmet dips and sides becoming fashionable in bars.
  • Creative sandwiches with unique fillings are gaining traction.
  • Birria tacos are becoming a food sensation.
  • Gildas are recognised as a popular appetiser.
  • Increase in popularity of bagels with innovative fillings.
  • Steak tartare with diverse ingredient mixes.
  • Rising interest in Roman-style pizza (pizza al taglio).
  • Fougasse bread is emerging as a trendy item.
  • Use of hot honey in various dishes for a unique sweet and spicy flavour.

3. 2024 Food Trends Predicted by Dietitian Ashleigh Jones

  • Emphasis on budget-friendly meals due to the cost of living crisis.
  • Increased use of staples like rice, potatoes, mince, legumes, and frozen vegetables in diets.
  • Shift towards more pub meals and homemade budget-friendly dishes.
  • Ongoing focus on reducing food waste.
  • Rise in popularity of pre-prepared meals.
  • The emergence of novel proteins (e.g., edible insects) and native ingredients for sustainable eating.
  • New trends in gourmet snack foods and distinctive Australian flavours.

4. Pinterest Predictions for 2024

  • The trend towards indulgent food fusions.
  • Growing interest in tropical-inspired treats.
  • The rising popularity of pineapple mocktails, upside-down cakes, and Hawaiian sheet pan chicken.
  • Fusion dishes like pizza pie, gummy kebabs, carbonara ramen, cheeseburger tacos, and burger quesadillas are gaining attention.
  • Emphasis on recipes using starter leftovers.

Mark Khoder says:

Transform your morning cuppa and your pantry in 2024: From
mushroom coffee’s health buzz to embracing budget-friendly,
waste-reducing cooking, the latest food trends are not just about
taste; they’re a journey towards sustainable, innovative living.