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Harnessing Authentic Feedback for Better Brand Perception

In the bustling world of businesses, understanding consumer perception of your
brand is paramount. Yet, it’s crucial to seek feedback from those who’ve actually
experienced your brand to avoid bias and attain authentic insights.

  • Feedback from those unfamiliar with your brand can often be biased
    and unrepresentative.
  • Consumers form opinions based on their experiences with brands they patronise.
  • Lack of brand interaction leads to limited knowledge and opinion about a brand.
  • Behaviour significantly influences awareness, perceptions and attitudes.
  • Both academic and market researchers often overlook the impact of
    direct experience.

Authentic feedback is a goldmine of information for any brand. Ensuring you’re
gathering perceptions from those who have truly interacted with your brand
promises unbiased insights and a clearer path to improvement.

Mark Khoder says:

Trust in genuine brand experience for authentic feedback; remember, a
person knows a brand best when they’ve tasted its offering.