How to Engage Customers
with Your Menu | Your SocialChef
Engaging Customers with Your Menu

Looking to boost customer engagement and loyalty for your restaurant? Involve your
customers in the process of creating a new menu item to generate excitement and interest
around your brand.

For example, a burger brand would invite customers to create their own burger recipes and
submit them for a chance to have their burger added to the menu at the brand location.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Customers are invited to submit their own burger recipes on the burger brand’s website
    during the submission period.
  2. A panel of judges evaluated the submissions and selected the top five burgers based
    on creativity, taste, and overall appeal.
  3. The top five burgers are then featured on the burger brand’s menu at select locations for a
    limited time, and customers were invited to try them and vote for their favourites.
  4. The burger with the most votes is added to the menu at all burger brand’s locations for a
    limited time.

The competition would be promoted through social media, email marketing, and in-store
signage to encourage customer participation and engagement with the brand.

So, why not give your customers the chance to showcase their creativity and help shape your
menu? With a “menu showdown” campaign, you can engage your customers, generate buzz
and sales, and strengthen your brand in the process.

Mark Khoder says:

Revolutionise your menu: Let customers create, you curate.