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Anytime you feel stuck and need some inspiration,
use the national food holidays marketing method:

National food holidays, when used correctly, can be an
effective strategy that engages guests and drives revenue.

The recipe:

– Google national food days

– Ex: November national food days

– Note the events that suit your concept

– Ex: Australian gin week

– Create an exciting range of gin cocktails

– Throw a gin event for that week

– Start promoting 5-6 weeks ahead

– Some events will be highly successful

– And some events won’t be as effective

– Test and find out what works for your business

Mark Khoder says:

There are over 3,600 national holidays on the National Day
Calendar, with more added yearly. Due to the sheer number
of these “holidays”, you’ll need to break through the noise.
For example, if the Australian gin week coming up, create
a theme, add novelty and new aesthetics to the cocktail
culture or take a nostalgic approach.

Empress 1908 Gin is one of the most exciting contributors
to cocktail culture; check it out here on the Trendhunter
, and check out this YouTube video
“5 popular cocktails with colour-changing gin.”

Let’s find what works together.



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