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A post shared by Your SocialChef (@yoursocialchef)

As many of you are familiar with my journey in the realm of restaurant marketing, today
I present to you a unique and profound analysis that holds a special place in my heart.
This insightful breakdown of the Menulog advertisement has been meticulously crafted
by none other than my talented daughter, Aliya Khoder. At just 16, in the midst of her Year
10 studies, she has dived deep into the psychology of marketing for her ‘Inside the Mind’
class assignment.

I couldn’t be prouder of the depth and precision with which Aliya has approached this
task. Her insights not only resonate with my years of experience in this industry but also
shed light on the evolving perspectives of the younger generation. It’s moments like
these that make a father’s heart swell with pride.

Without further ado, let’s delve into Aliya’s analysis:

  • Influence of Katy Perry on Menulog Advertisement

    • The advertisement capitalises on Katy Perry’s popularity to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z.
    • This age demographic utilises delivery services most frequently.
    • Response to seeing Katy Perry in the advert:
      • COGNITIVE: Recognition of Katy Perry’s cool factor.
      • AFFECTIVE: Positive emotions associated with Katy Perry and food.
      • BEHAVIOURAL: Increased inclination to download the Menulog app.
  • Four Persuasive Factors in Advertising

    • Characteristics of the Speaker: Katy Perry’s vibrant persona and history of including food in her music videos make her a fitting choice.
    • Characteristics of the Audience: The advert targets Katy Perry’s vast fanbase from the 2010s, primarily Millennials and Gen Z.
    • Characteristics of the Message: Emotive appeal through nostalgia, like the success of Pokémon Go’s nostalgic influence.
    • Route of the Message: Use of catchy song and music video as delivery medium ensures the message remains memorable.
  • Neuromarketing Techniques

    • Emotion Enhancement: The advertisement evokes joy and familiarity through vibrant visuals and music.
    • Visual Imagery: Bright colours and images of Katy Perry enjoying food establish a positive emotional link.
    • Neurobranding: Consistent exposure to the Menulog logo fosters subconscious trust and preference.
  • Factors Resisting Persuasion

    • Reactance: Some viewers might perceive the advert as trying too hard to resonate with younger audiences, especially given the decline in Katy Perry’s popularity in the late 2010s. This can lead to counter-productive results, as seen with Pixar’s “Elemental”.

The Menulog advertisement is a strategic blend of celebrity influence, effective
messaging, and neuromarketing techniques. While it harnesses the power of nostalgia
and brand recognition, it also risks alienating certain audiences due to potential over-
reliance on a specific celebrity’s appeal. As always, understanding the target audience
and evolving with their preferences is crucial for sustained success in advertising.

Mark Khoder says:

Peeling back the layers of a modern ad campaign, young Aliya
Khoder serves up a slice of marketing psychology that’s
as insightful as it is fresh. Who knew a Year 10 assignment
could echo industry truths? Proud dad moment right here.