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Meet Kotthu Lasagne, a recent new item by our client Lankan Tucker,
that is attracting people from all over the state to come and try it out.

This dish is a delicious combination of Lankan Tucker’s famous
Chicken Kotthu Roti in between layers of lasagne and topped with a
creamy bechamel sauce.

The idea behind this unique dish is based on the product innovation
strategy. We often use it as part of overall marketing campaigns
designed to delight existing and potential customers.

Benefits of a product innovation strategy:

– Attract new customers

– Bring back existing customers

– Delight your community of customers

– Get on the media radar

– Adds a plus 1 to your marketing campaigns

– It creates a culture of innovation

Mark Khoder says:

The easiest way to create a new exciting product is to take what’s
very popular on your menu with a mass appeal and then marry
it with another item from another cuisine that also has a mass
appeal, then market the heck out of it; think mac and cheese
dumplings, cheesecake tacos, pizza samosa, experiment and
have fun, you get the idea.

  • Client:Lankan Tucker
  • Agency:Your SocialChef
  • Let’s find what works together.



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