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Target The Entire Market

The Way To Grow: Target The Entire Market

As marketing expert Mark Khoder points out, successful marketing isn’t just
about catering to loyal customers. Instead, it requires us to widen our gaze, reaching
occasional buyers and those who haven’t engaged with us yet. By doing so, we tap
into more opportunities and build resilience against inevitable market fluctuations.

Key Strategy Elements:

  • Appealing to All Buyers: Khoder stresses the need to appeal to all potential
    customers – not just our most frequent buyers. By spreading our message to
    those who buy infrequently, or haven’t bought at all, we can reach a larger
    audience and expand our business.
  • Navigating Life Changes: Life is constantly changing. People move house,
    change jobs, or switch up their lifestyle. Khoder warns that when these shifts
    occur, even our most faithful customers might cease their buying.
    By broadening our target market, we safeguard our business against
    such fluctuations.
  • Rising Above Competition: Khoder reminds us that competitors are always
    keen to steal our customers away. By having a wide and diverse customer base,
    we provide ourselves with a safety net, should some of our regulars decide to
    jump ship.
  • Big Picture Thinking: To grow and maintain a robust business, Khoder suggests
    that we need to think big. This involves targeting all potential customers, not just
    the ones we already have. A balanced strategy like this can help us keep hold of
    our regulars, while also drawing in new faces.
  • Good marketing, according to Khoder, isn’t just about focusing on the customers
    we have now. It’s about thinking bigger, and targeting the full spectrum of
    potential customers. This approach helps us ensure that our business continues
    to thrive, even when faced with unexpected changes. It’s about ensuring that our
    marketing efforts are doing what they should be – retaining our existing
    customers and attracting new ones.

Mark Khoder Insights:

Successful marketing is about more than just catering to your
existing customers. It’s about broadening your horizons, appealing
to occasional buyers and non-customers as well. This approach helps
to insulate your business against unexpected changes, while also
offering more opportunities for growth.