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Most business owners classify their marketing activities under different
names and labels due to not knowing what is considered a marketing
activity. Sometimes it is due to not having people or agencies within
their business with formal and official marketing responsibilities.

The delightful truth is every hospitality business and any other business
practice the 7 Ps of marketing and believes in marketing regardless of
size, status and position in the marketplace to various degrees of
implementation and success.

The 7Ps of marketing are as follows:

Product: The item or service that the business sells
to consumers

Price: The amount the consumer must exchange to receive
the offering

Place: The physical location where the customers get, access,
purchase, or use the offering.

Promotion: Making your target customers aware of your
products and services and retaining them

People: The staff delivering the service/product.
Including external partners

Process: Streamlined process flow to reduce quality
inconsistency and provide seamless services to customers

Physical Evidence: Premises, packaging, awards, and
visual identity are all physical signals of the brand

The 7 Ps is a valuable tool to explore your marketing mix.
Considering each element when deciding how to market your
business successfully is essential.

Mark Khoder says:

Dear business builder, whatever you call it marketing or
something else, it is in your best interest; the 7Ps of
marketing better be built into the DNA of your business.
Whether you have a marketing department or not.

Let’s find what works together.



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