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Question: What happens when brands stop advertising?

Answer: Out of sight, out of mind

– When a business stop advertising for a year, sales, on average, fall by 16%.

– The longer a business stops advertising, the more its sales decline.

– Bigger businesses’ sales decline tends to be slower vs. smaller businesses.

– Businesses’ sales will fall more if they stop advertising when their sales are
already falling.

– During tough times, businesses can transition from expensive mediums
like TV and DOOH to more cost-effective digital advertising channels, like
social, online video, and CTV.

– Brands that maintain ad spending gain a competitive advantage over
brands that cut their budgets or stop advertising completely.

Mark Khoder says:

Do not freak out during uncertain times; impulse reactions can
lead to short-term gain and long-term crises. Instead, staying
focused on your core products, being proactive and productive,
doing what’s important, and innovating during tough times can
help your brand stand out and be profitable for years to come.

Your SocialChef were able to help build our
business to at least 85% growth.

– Nerissa and Hiran I Lankan Tucker

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