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7 Steps to Use Instagram Hashtags for Getting New Diners

by Mark Khoder 0 Comments

The most useless action a restaurant can do on their Instagram account is using random broad Hashtags like #yum or #delicious, #coffee and #food these hashtags are useless, and here is why. 1 - If your restaurant located in Melbourne, and let’s say a potential local customer opens up his Instagram app looking up local [...]

Running Instagram Ads You’re Not Receiving Notifications And How To Fix It

by Mark Khoder 1 Comments

  You're running Instagram Ads but you're not getting notifications, or activity feeds updates for the Ads on your Instagram App. You used to get a notification every time someone liked, tagged, or commented on your Instagram Ads, and now you don't get those notifications anymore. It feels like you're running invisible Instagram ads, your [...]