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Shortly after moving to Yarraville in 2010, I started going out a lot with my wife, that’s because we lived 10-15 minutes away from the city Melbourne. So it was easy for us to jump in the car and drive up to good places.

Back then the economy was doing great, and it didn’t take long for the financial crisis to slow down the business. We didn’t take an instant hit like how it happened in USA and other nations, we took it on a SLOW MOTION.

I remember restaurants was buzzing in people, you would walk into the most mediocre places, and they will be packed. Well soon things started to change, mediocre restaurants had to close doors.

Or the owner had to run the place and tell the sous chef to go home, the waiter to go home, the bookkeeper to go home and the owner will do everything himself so he can afford to run the place.

Back then I was doing Facebook ads, and Facebook competitions for my local business in Yarraville where the cafe up the road had to walk out from the lease because she wasn’t making any money. Where my local business I took it to the next level and sold it for good profits, while other local business owners used to come in and complain to me their business not doing well.

Then Instagram soon kicked in and restaurants, cafes, hotels, home business’s, brands small and large started executing strategies on Instagram hoping to gain business out of it in these hard times, and this is what happened. Instagram turned out to be the most profitable, and the highest response in user engagement, the return on investment was phenomenal.

Yes, restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars. You name it made lots of wealth out of the Instagram platform because the competition wasn’t doing anything. The competition just gave up to the economic crisis and died, like when someone get’s sick from an external virus, instead of going looking for a cure to get better, he hanged himself as it is a quicker death.

Until today, the same story keeps repeating itself, hot restaurants that have lots of buzz, investing their time, money and effort into social media and specifically Instagram as a platform, why is that? So they can stay hot.
All the other hot places soon will turn cold because they are not looking into ways to extend the length of their hotness, so soon they will turn cold and they won’t know what hit them, only then they will realize they fucked up. Where their competition found new ways to keep them hot for a very long time.

So if you’re not already investing your time, money, and effort into social media, into what keeps YOUR restaurant business HOT, then how long your restaurant will stay hot until it turns cold? Only then there is no comeback, that’s it, it’s game over.

Some people usually take action right after realizing that they need to do something before they lose their hotness, and others will ignore the message until the day they close their doors, simply because they were too stubborn to see the opportunities.

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